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March 2017

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Introducing Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Wine!

Introducing Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Wine!

Ever wondered what people meant when discussing a Wines bouquet, or nodded along blankly when someone asks you about the nose on a particular vintage? Well wonder no more! i heart wines are so excited to let you in on our latest creation; we have been secretly replacing our iconic heart label with a run of limited edition scratch and sniff versions!!!

Through the power of micro-encapsulation we can now introduce you to the basic components of your favourite i heart Wines just by rubbing the heart on the front of your bottle! The secret swirl of aromas will have you sniffing out different grapes, fruits and terroirs (that’s ‘soil’ to you and me) in no time. From Wine Novice to Sommelier in one simple Scratch!


Have you got one of our special bottles?

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