Get school’d: Meet the i heart Wines line up!

05 September 2022

In the spirit of all things back to school, we’re bringing you the full report on our top faves from the i heart Wines line-up! Whether you’re looking for a Red, White or a Rosé we’ve got you covered.

Lesson One: Rosé

First up is the deliciously fruity i heart Rosé. Perfect for Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring – Rosé is a great all-rounder to compliment the classic British BBQ, Thai food or on its own with a few ice cubes.

Blush pink and filled with bubbles, i heart Prosecco Rosé ensures you’re ready for any celebration – big or small. Enjoy alongside a veggie stir fry or Italian antipasti dishes.

Lesson Two: Red

Our mighty i heart Malbec is jam packed with juicy black fruits and a pinch of spice, making it our top choice to enjoy with barbecue ribs, hunters chicken or grilled aubergines.

Soft and smooth, i heart Merlot is our big Red crowd pleaser. Enjoy alongside a hearty Sunday roast, spaghetti bolognaise or whilst waiting for the pizza delivery!

Lesson Three:

Fresh, crisp and light i heart Pinot Grigio is packed with lemon and peach flavours. Enjoy on its own or alongside chicken, quiche or fish.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, i heart Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, fruity and fresh. Enjoy with fajitas, nachos or cheesecake!

Now here’s the best kind of homework, give them a taste!

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