Happy International Womens Day!

06 March 2020

Here are some of the women working behind the scenes at i heart HQ…

Lucy – Head of Marketing

The Boss. Calm, Collected, Elegant and ridiculously tall – Lucy spins all the plates, and adds a little classy magic to i heart team. Always encouraging of a lunchtime fish & chip delivery, as long as it is paired with a little Champagne and you don’t fight her for the mushy peas. If she’s not in the office, you will mostly find her chasing after the kids on a beach in sleepy Devon whilst wondering if she packed the ice bucket as well as the spades.

Dani – Senior Brand Manager

Queen of chat; will proudly harp on about all things i heart to anyone that will listen (and ones that won’t – more fool them, she is VERY convincing). No 1. troop-rallier, giggle-inducer and project-driver for the brand. It was once said she could bench press 3 grown men with one hand on a Friday night Cross Fit sesh, but we’re not too sure if that may have just been the Sauvignon Blanc in her ‘water’ bottle talking.

Jodie – Lead Creative

The creative one. There’s no wine whose label she can’t sex up; all round creative genius and driving force of New Product development, sustainability, and photoshopping moustaches onto colleagues. Single handedly keeping Riesling on trend in Oxfordshire. It’s a trade-off between whether she has more knowledge of Old world Wines or Adobe creative suite.

Alice  – Category Manager

The Trendy one – Keeps us all in check on the reg – from alcohol trends to office recycling enforcement. Super Sassy analysis and spreadsheet sender even though she always seems to be on holiday. Can take the girl out of the north, but not the north out of the girl; refuses to wear a coat unless it brings her Malbec to room temperature and swears like a sailor. In Spanish, Jury’s out on whether she prefers her pony’s to her colleagues….

Mari – Innovation & NPD Project Manager

The Italian Job. Born with a Prosecco bottle in her hand. literally. She can eat a whole pizza in under 60 seconds and knows more about bubbles than an errant lovechild of Pierre Taittinger. Such is her passion for the good Italian stuff she has a tattoo of Valdobbiadene on her left butt cheek – don’t tell her we told you.

Laura – Senior supply Chain Manager

The Supply one – Heads up a 7 strong team to ensure you can get your mitts on your favourite i heart Wine wherever and whenever you want from those well-stocked shelves. Self-professed wine NON-bore with a diploma to prove it. Silent assassin at Karaoke, none of our Saturday nights would be the same without her.

Catherine – Hospitality Manager

The Wine Geeky one – currently stamping her wine knowledge and enthusiastic feet all over the i heart Wines HQ with events, tastings, masterclasses and parties. If you want to impress with a sexy little soiree and a smattering of wine flavoured facts this is your go-to-woman. When not organising and hosting, find her curled up with a cheeky i heart chardonnay and a little Nordic Noir on the box. (No we weren’t sure either but we’re assured it would make us sound more mysterious and intriguing on dates)

Liza – i heart International

The Global one. This fiery pocket rocket is responsible for taking things world-wide and bringing the i heart family to every corner of the globe she can get us to (which will be handy when you’re missing your favourite bubbles on a beach in Brazil – you can thank her later). Loves a little run, a little Opera and a little party; not always in that order. Takes her i heart Wine Pinot Grigio fresh and crisp, much like her wit.

Helena – Head of Sales, Grocery

The multi-tasking one. Responsible for bringing i heart to life in supermarkets; collaborating with our customers to plan compelling deals and launching exciting new products; In charge of arguably the best sales team in the wine industry, Helena manages to keep them in check whilst also being a mum of two rambunctious young boys. Skills that easily transfer to her precious free time spent throwing some big bouncy balls about… a netball court. A Fervent Friday night ambassador for i heart Cabernet Sauvignon and winner of i heart sportswoman of the year award (ish).

Trish – Senior National Account Manager

The sales one. Skill set includes but is not limited to; ruining powerpoint presentations, an unwholesome obsession with excel spreadsheets, running obscene amounts of mileage in tiny spandex and utilising teapots as decanters. Could sell ice to Eskimos and swears by i heart Asti as both a refreshing and under-appreciated beverage and emergency facewash. When not humming dancing queen during a sales pitch she can Most likely be found in a service station somewhere on the M1 snaffling hummous.

Monet – Supply Chain Executive

The pairing one. Another member of our team squirrelling away behind the scenes; whether it’s to get all your i heart faves onto the shelves for that girls night in, or squirrelling away inappropriate jokes to be thrown out as a distraction when her Manager suggests another impromptu Tuesday night doing Karaoke. Loves food, loves wine and loves pairing said wine, with food. And bubble baths. And dog walks. Can pretty much pick you a wine to pair with anything and thoroughly enjoys doing so.

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