Our Ultimate Comfort Food for Weeknight Wins!

07 November 2022

The nights are super dark and chilly which means one thing, it’s comfort food and wine time – our favourite time!

Winter calls for one thing, and that’s a slap up roast dinner. There’s nothing better than a chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings, we’re talking roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, maybe a cheeky pig in blanket – it is the season after all. Enjoy alongside a chilled glass of i heart Pinot Grigio, the citrus zing will bring out the juicy roast chicken flavours.

Our i heart Rosé is a versatile gal, whether you’re ordering in a spicy jalfrezi curry, tasty Thai food or enjoying pre-takeaway bag of prawn cocktail crisp, the strawberry and red berry flavours will compliment your order. We can almost hear the doorbell!

You cannot beat a mid-week bowl of spag bol and a large glass of i heart Merlot. Easy going, soft and smooth i heart Merlot is just the right partner for saucy spaghetti bolognaise. Best enjoyed on the sofa, with your feet up.

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