Pinot Noir


This is a red that is so easy to drink at any time, with anything and whatever your mood!

A bit about me…

Hey You, like your red on the lighter side of life? Then I am the bottle for you. Light and sweet with a touch of spice. I’m an easy drinker, full of sweet plummy fruit flavours.

Pair me with…

I’m simply delicious on my own but if you fancy some food then I’m perfect with rich meat dishes or spicy veggie curries. Whip me out with your fave cheese and crackers as well!

Did you know…

When translated, Pinot Noir literally means ‘black pine’, and its name is down to the colour and the way the grapes bunch in a pine cone shape when growing on the vine!

Surely no one can resist a chocolate brownie...

...especially when they've got i heart Pinot Noir as a magic ingredient!

And they are so simple to make, just take your usual brownie recipe and when you are at the stage of mixing all the ingredients together just add in 2 tablespoons of i heart Pinot Noir.

Easy, impressive and you can enjoy the rest of the bottle whilst you eat them. 

Where to buy Pinot Noir

Oh hi there, fancy buying me? Below are our suppliers, the coloured logos have links to their website 

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